Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Philatelic Blog

This blog is dedicated to the topic of Philately. That's stamp collecting for those of you not in the know. I've been participating in this great hobby since I was seven-years-old and it has provided me with many hours of intellectual enjoyment. If you are interesting in starting a collection, drop me a comment, and I'll be glad to help you out.

My blog will include a variety of stamp-related topics, but the areas where I focus most of my collecting interest include:
  • Polar Philately: This area includes stamps related to the North and South Poles and stamps issued from countries geographically in a polar region. My definition is a bit loose and includes the following countries and territories:
    • Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT)
    • British Antarctic Territory (BAT)
    • French Southern and Antarctic Territory (FSAT, TAAF)
    • Falkland Islands and Dependencies
    • Greenland
    • Iceland
    • Ross Dependency of New Zealand
    • South Georgia
    • Polar Bases from all countries
    • Stamps featuring polar topics
  • Poland: This area includes present-day Poland and related material.
    • POW camp issues
    • German Occupation Issues
    • Plate flaw varieties
    • Postal Stationery
    • 1919 Local posts
  • Czechoslovakia: I'm especially interested in the Hradcany castle issues.
  • Postally used Africa, especially British Africa
    • Kenya
    • Uganda
    • Tanzania
    • Botswana
    • Burundi
  • Hong Kong
  • Covers from exotic locations

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